pint_xarray.unit_registry = <pint.registry.UnitRegistry object>

The unit registry stores the definitions and relationships between units.

  • filename – path of the units definition file to load or line-iterable object. Empty to load the default definition file. None to leave the UnitRegistry empty.

  • force_ndarray (bool) – convert any input, scalar or not to a numpy.ndarray.

  • force_ndarray_like (bool) – convert all inputs other than duck arrays to a numpy.ndarray.

  • default_as_delta – In the context of a multiplication of units, interpret non-multiplicative units as their delta counterparts.

  • autoconvert_offset_to_baseunit – If True converts offset units in quantities are converted to their base units in multiplicative context. If False no conversion happens.

  • on_redefinition (str) – action to take in case a unit is redefined. ‘warn’, ‘raise’, ‘ignore’

  • auto_reduce_dimensions – If True, reduce dimensionality on appropriate operations.

  • preprocessors – list of callables which are iteratively ran on any input expression or unit string

  • fmt_locale – locale identifier string, used in format_babel. Default to None

  • case_sensitive (bool, optional) – Control default case sensitivity of unit parsing. (Default: True)

  • cache_folder (str or pathlib.Path or None, optional) – Specify the folder in which cache files are saved and loaded from. If None, the cache is disabled. (default)